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Artist and Professional Photographer in West Central Florida with a focus on landscape and portrait photography with a twist of mystical influence of surreal color capture or digitization for the full emotional impact. She works on many different projects for private clients, State College of Florida, and for her own enjoyment. Her more mystical and artistic collections will be posted as her separate project: "Angelicious Art" on http://Angelicious.Art or http://AngeliciousArt.com

Anhelita Cherepanova is an artist and a digital photographer who was born in Ukraine. While always being fascinated by the process of photography she decided to continue her art education in Florida. Along with this, Cherepanova has gained extensive experience working as a still life, landscape and portrait photographer, but also likes to keep her creative side engaged working with a variety of craft mediums as separate projects. All these experiences have led her to take the next steps of becoming a renowned photographer and artist while opening her own studio.

My passion for photography focuses on landscape, and portrait photography. I am especially fascinated by family mini sessions to produce a more emotionally impactful portrait. It is amazing to see a smile on child’s face surrounded by a happy family and colorful landscapes. Drawn by my artistic nature I am creating mystical surreal vision of the image, enhanced by the natural or digital color scheme. Drawing on the emotion of the subject, I enhance the viewers interaction with the image. Creating more contrast or unifying elements provide the images the impact to connect to the viewers. Seeing my images shared amongst the public in both physical and digital formats prove the emotional impact between my photographs and their audience.


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